Apples to Apples Project Management

apples-954928_1280I  have always maintained that project management skills are transportable from industry to industry.  I was able to affirm that assumption this week when I delivered Project Management training to a different organization from a different industry than my current position.

While technical competence in the industry you are working is certainly a benefit, it is not a hard and fast requirement.

Having a common platform, such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) from the Project Management Institute (PMI), allows all team members to speak a common language and to have a common understanding.

Through the years, I have been exposed to Information Systems/Technology, Construction, and Manufacturing industries and project management projects.  I have incorporated aspects from each of these different perspectives and developed a comprehensive understanding and training package that provides a mix of project management tools and techniques, as well as leadership and management soft skills.

I am so fortunate to be at that stage of my career where I am able to mentor and share my experience and knowledge, to the betterment of various organizations and individuals.  What a fun journey this has been and will continue to be.

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