Living your Vision, Mission, & Values!

I am doing some local consulting for an organization looking to increase the effectiveness and maturity of their major projects organization.  Since this is a fairly young organization, we are starting at the beginning and with the basics – developing and institutionalizing  Vision, Mission, and Values to start developing the culture we are trying to propagate.

Visionvmv:  To be the PREMIER projects group in XXXXX.

Mission: Improve the Safety, Reliability, and Capacity of XXXXX while minimizing impact to daily operations and the customer.

At XXXXX, we believe deeply in:

  • Clarity- freedomfrom indistinctness or
  • Integrity- soundness of moral character;
  • Transparency- thequality or state of being
  • Intention- theend or object intended;
  • Morality- conformityto the rules of right
  • Ethicality- pertainingto right and wrong in
  • Respect- esteemfor or a sense of the worth or excellence of a

Driving Ambition: By 2018, we have demonstrated the success of XXXXX and are preparing to roll out our processes to the other six XXXXX locations.

Images of Success:

  • Engagement of other departments in XXXXX
  • Cohesive XXXXX Team
  • XXXXX individuals have development opportunities
  • Quality of life balance

Our brand promise: Successful Projects & Project Management

  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Enthusiasm