Do You Have Project Challenges?

I connect leaders who want to learn about project management problems and solutions. I also help professionals improve their leadership skills.

We are in the process of starting a project management forum to share challenges and solutions to Project Management in manufacturing, construction, and IT solutions.  Our next meeting is Thursday morning, May 25, 2017.   If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me at

Do you have major Projects that are critical to your success over coming years?

Are some of these Projects over budget or late on delivery?

Could your key staff benefit from learning how other companies complete Projects?

While larger organizations, with larger projects and overhead budgets, can afford to organize a Project Management Office, we have found that small to medium size organizations are not structured that way.  The peer-to-peer environment supports my Rip-of-and-Duplicate (what I call R&D) philosophy.  Why re-invent the wheel when someone in our forum, or our member companies, has already experienced that problem/issue.  Our forum format has proven successful in helping organizations solve issues with a direct impact on improving the bottom line.

Our quarterly meeting format, with each four hour meeting being held at a forum member location, will be structured as follows:

  • Welcome & Networking
  • Educational Component
  • Host Company Overview
  • Host Company Tour
  • Roundtable Issue Discussion

Our educational components will be focused on Project Management Tools & Techniques, New Product Development best practices, leadership, business acumen, etc..  I also plan on developing a virtual location for collaboration in-between our quarterly meetings.