REF IN PM Mtg #3 at Harmony Marketing Group is in the books!

A special thank-you to Harmony Marketing Group (Bourbon, IN) and the Plant Manager Mr. Mark Baumgartner for hosting our third quarterly Renaissance Executive Forum IN Project Management Meeting.

We started off with introductions and then sharing our Cool Thing Learned since our last meeting in February.  Next was an overview of PMI Michiana, and how we can leverage the knowledge of our local Chapter to develop and improve our processes and leadership.

Our Educational Componenent today was a workshop activity to Find Your Why, based on the TED talk provided by Simon Sinek in 2009.   I think this was a great excercise.  I worked with the President of the PMI Michiana Chapter, and we came up with PMI/Project Management Starting With Why of “Improve personal and corporate outcomes.” It think that really resonates and is why I am involved and what this Project Management Forum is all about.

Next was an overview of Harmony Marketing Group followed by a tour of their facility.  Some pretty impressive products and machines that handle a variety of operations.  One of the main focuses is consistency, from the first piece to the last piece, whether it is a small run or a run of hundreds of thousands or even millions.

We ended our morning with a Round Table of “Marketing and Sales Approach.”  Some fantastic sharing of practices and philosophies ensued.  Thank you to all who participated to make today a great learning opportunity and networking success.


5 Ways to Introduce Yourself

I help [target audience] do [statement of need or opportunity] through [differentiator]

I help professionals introduce, network and promote themselves in 20 words or less

I help [target audience] do  [statement of need] + [statement of benefit]

I help job hunters tell irresistible personal brand stories that their listeners remember and respond to

I connect [target audience] to [something they want] through [differentiator]

I connect people to new opportunities using the perfect introduction in 20 words or less

I [transform/translate/convert a problem] into  [something aspirational]

I make complicated ideas easy for anyone to understand and communicate

I help [target audience] [fix their problem]

I help people with something to say that struggle to say it


So, how did I take this information and personalize it for myself?  See my three introductions below:

I help professionals improve their leadership skills.

I connect leaders who want to learn about project management problems and solutions.

I make complicated processes easy for anyone to understand so options for continuous improvement can be identified and implemented.