Warsaw Area Field Trip Learning

On Tuesday, April 25, our Renaissance Executive Forum (REF) members went on a field trip to the Warsaw area to visit three manufacturing companies and one service organization.  There are always useful things to take away from every location, and the conversation that occurs on the ride between locations provides valuable learning opportunities as well.

As a REF Project Management Forum member, you would have the opportunity to participate in such a field trip and meet and network with like minded manufacturing and business professionals.

Key Takeaways from each of our four stops:

Woodenware:  Two key learning’s; pay for performance (1/3 pay is hourly rate, 2/3 is bonus based on weekly performance), and everyone is QC (no assigned role, as a matter of fact, all workers have ability to roam and help where needed).

Harmony Marketing Group: Their premise is to “Solve Customer Problems”.  They do not just do what asked, their customer service representatives (almost a 1:1 match to their sales persons) will get to the bottom of the need and based on their extensive experience, present a solution that the customer may not even have thought of.

Grace College: How to adapt to changing times and provide real value to their customers.  Ability to get a three year degree with an option for a fourth year resulting in a Master’s Degree.  In addition, the tuition is frozen for all four years, and even goes down slightly year over year (oh, and books are provided for no cost).  Innovation in service at it’s best! And if that was not enough, they have unique and extensive relationships with their key suppliers, providing long term solutions and a family environment.

Chase Manufacturing: Creating a niche in the extreme high quality end of the RV market.  They are using technological solutions in the upfront design and production of quality wood products.  The focus is on quality and exacting solutions, not on high volume.

All in all, it was a great learning and networking day!  Contact me if you would like to be a part of such experiences in the future.

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