The Case for Project Management in Any Organization!

management-and-the-triple-constraintsWhy Should You Care?

  • Behind every project is an idea, whether trying to improve efficiencies, increase margins, or drive product development and innovation. Regardless of the benefits, organizations are using projects to achieve their business objectives.
  • Customer demands for new products and services almost always outstrip internal capacity to deliver. More than 30% of projects end up being cancelled in midstream and more than half of these projects typically run over budget and over the original time estimate.
  • Poorly managed projects may also result in poor quality, rework, and loss of reputation for the organization.
  • Project Management should be a core competency for any organization. Project Management can help you deliver the right products at the right time, resolve problems and issues, optimize the use of organizational resources, and manage change in a better manner.

The Pace of Change:  Due to the speed of change and market competition, every organization is required to adjust much faster today than in the past.  To do so, organizations launch projects and expect them to deliver results.

What is Project Management?:  A managed approach to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the constraints of Scope, Time, and Cost.  Projects typically perturb the organization with respect to meeting daily ongoing operations.  Project Management identifies and resolves conflicts for competing resources and priorities.

 Value Proposition for Project Management:  Starts with the knowledge that it takes time and effort to proactively manage a project.  This cost is more than made up for over the life of the project by being more predictable, practicing proactive scope management, effective problem resolution, and managing expectations more effectively.

Organizational Processes to be Defined and Developed:  Each organization has unique characteristics and their Product Roadmap and Project Life Cycle process will need to be developed based on the organizational structure, culture, customer requirements, and specific industry.  However, the project management processes and knowledge areas to effectively meet customer requirements in the completion of projects is a methodology that is universal across industries and organizations.

Project Management as a Core Competency:  My project management philosophy is designed to move your organization from utilizing “accidental” project managers to an organization that recognizes project management as a “core competency.”  Effective and efficient project management will be considered a strategic competency the organization.  This will add real value to business performance by tying project results to business goals, competing more effectively in their markets, and having the ability to respond to the impact of business environment changes.

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