NPD Familiarization Training

life-cycle-costing-10-638In my last entry, I discussed the steps we were taking to establish an updated phased approach to new product development.  As part of this revised approach, it was important to develop a training package to level set the organization on vocabulary, the process details, expectations, and accountability.

As we were developing the training, the best approach soon became apparent, set up the training to mimic the project process flow.  We provided an overview of the process flow, the tools used for listing and providing status on the projects, the collaboration tool used for day-to-day project execution and communication, the formal forms required to:

  • Initiate (request form, project list, project file folder, schedule & collaboration tool)
  • Budget
  • Define Scope (this is key to schedule development and change control)
  • Change process and documentation
  • Pre-Production Build Packets (to familiarize operations with the product and build samples)
  • Phase Gate Approval
  • Product Launch (produce release checklist to formally update the ERP system)
  • Project Closeout
  • Project/Product Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Communication Expectations

We had originally allotted an hour and a half for the training, and after the first session we added an hour, and still did not have time for the collaboration tool videos.  We really could not justify additional time to complete the entire training, so assigned homework to review the training videos and only highlighted the operations build packet process since each department has differing roles and responsibilities that need to be detailed separately.

The training was well received, as evidenced by the engagement and questions from all the departments.  We are also going to be using this training package for on-boarding of new employees (non-production), and we will allow a full four hours for that training.

This is the fifth time I have been involved in process development, training, and execution, and it never gets old.  Being part of the maturation of the organization for construction projects or new product development never gets old.

Please reach out if you could use assistance in either of these areas, I would welcome the opportunity to assist in your project development or maturation process.