7/16/20 SL Meeting

The Renaissance Executive Forums Indiana Solutions Leadership forum held our monthly meeting today. Appreciation to our attendees and their active engagement.

After introductions and discussions of our personal and business bests, we discussed our experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The focus of our discussion was on data analytics, but it became apparent that of the participants, none had really experienced intentional analytics of the contents of the CRM. One example of how such data could be used was of a product that was 70% purchased by women, but that data was discovered by accident, not through data analytics. I am sure that many organizations make use of CRM data, but for the large organizations that we have belonged to, it was startling to realize that CRM data may be effectively used for quotes and selling, but there is a missed opportunity for mining the data for other uses in many organizations.

Next, based on several of our participants being in the job market due to COVID-19 organizational challenges, we discussed ideas for effective job opportunity investigation. During these challenging times, it was agreed that only relying on a recruiter could prolong finding their next opportunity. Instead, an intentional approach of finding a company that you would be interested in working for based on their values and reputation was the first best step, then to focus on LinkedIn members that are in areas that you could bring value too. After looking at these employees profiles and posts, make a connection request offering genuine insights that they may find beneficial, or attributes of their posts and experience that you find inspirational. After you have had some interaction, then request a discussion and at that point, request assistance in your opportunity investigation. It was emphasized that during the request to connect, being transparent that you are interested in potentially working for that organization is made clear, but not to connect only to ask for assistance. This process will take time, and works best when you already have a position but are potentially looking for your next best opportunity. This approach forces you to focus on what you bring to the table and how you can add value to help solve their challenges.

Since during the job opportunity investigation LinkedIn was mentioned as a valuable resource, we then discussed how to best leverage LinkedIn as a networking resource. We discussed how posting articles with relevant content to your contacts and your experience are key, that LinkedIn can be used to help with career training opportunities, and that building your brand and presence takes discipline and should be a habit to maximize the benefit that LinkedIn can provide.

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