11/15/17 PM Forum @ Mossberg

Do you have project completion challenges? Do you need leadershiImage result for project management, slidesharep training for your project engineers and supporting organizations? If you answer yes to either of these questions, you should join us at our 11/15/17 Project Management Forum Quarterly Meeting, Wednesday, November 15, 2017; brought to you via Renaissance Executive Forums Indiana.

8:00 AM  Casual Breakfast / Networking
8:15 AM  Welcome/Introductions
8:30 AM  EC – Appetite/Prioritization, Jan Holt
9:30 AM  Mossberg Overview
10:00 AM Mossberg Tour
11:00 AM  Round Table Discussions – Prioritization of Pending Projects (Tony Selcz), please bring topics you would like to discuss.

Please contact me at kriches@executiveforums.com if you have questions or would like additional information.

The Real Journey Starts Today!

Hilly Road

Today is my last day at Safe Fleet (Elkhart Brass and SF Mirrors are were my quality oversight responsibility).  After today, I begin my foray into Project Management Consulting.

I spent 29 years working for major utilities, 25 of those in nuclear power, and the past 5 years in manufacturing.  Over that 34 years,  I have seen the trials and tribulations of both large and small/medium companies!

I am at the stage of my career where mentoring, coaching, and teaching are the results of my experiences. I am excited to be in a situation where I get to utilize the skills that I have learned and developed.

Stay tuned for the next chapters in this journey!!!

Successful Strategic Direction meeting for our PM Forum 8/24/17

082417 PM Team



The fourth meeting of our Project Management Forum, part of Renaissance Executive Forums – Indiana (REF-IN), was held this past Thursday.  We followed our tried and true format for the meeting:

  • Welcome
  • Educational Component: Conflict Resolution
  • Focused Topic: Strategic Direction for our Forum
  • Round Table Topic

There were ten of us total in attendance, which included myself and Tony Hutti, CEO of REF-IN.  We started with our educational component discussion on Conflict Resolution and there was a lot of great discussion and examples.  As is the norm for my training sessions, we completed an exercise that provides practice and learning opportunities.  It was a great 75 minutes of energy and sharing from this dynamic group.


Next, we moved on to our focused topic, purposely determined to be picking the strategic direction for our forum.  We used a SWOT analysis approach, and came up with many future educational component and round table topics to help us resolve challenges in our organizations, as related to executing projects.


We finished up with a round table topic and discussion that was well received.  I love being able to share my passion for project management with those who recognize the importance of project leadership and execution.



08/24/17 PM Forum #4 is in the Books!

What did we do today, besides having an dynamic group and productive meeting?

082417 PM TeamThe PM Forum, part of Renaissance Executive Forums Indiana, had our quarterly meeting today at the REF-IN offices in South Bend.  I think it was a very productive meeting.  We agreed to keep the current format: Educational Component (EC), Company Profile, Company Tour, and Round Table discussions.  Today, our company profile/tour was focused on our PM Forum, deciding how we wanted to operate going forward.

We discussed conflict resolution tools and techniques, and had a great exchange of information, examples, and coping mechanisms.  We then moved on to a SWOT analysis of project management in our individual organizations (we have multiple EC and Round Table topics identified going forward), and ended with a very productive Round Table discussion.

How can you improve project implementation?

Do you struggle with project implementation or new product development launches? We are creating a community to assist with the challenges that local organizations face in this regard. Please message me if you would like to attend our next forum meeting.


Thursday, August 24, 2017


8:00 AM Casual Breakfast / Networking

8:15 AM Welcome/Introductions

8:30 AM EC – Conflict Resolution, Marketing and Sales Approach in Manufacturing

9:30 AM PM Forum Structure, what do we want?

11:00 AM Round Table Discussions – Bring a Topic you would like feedback on