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Are you preparing for the PMP/CAPM Exam, training your project team on project management terminology and tools/techniques, or learning about project management in general?  Here are some learning materials to assist you with your journey:

1 – Exam Overview and Process Groups

2 – Integration Management

3 – Scope Management

4 – Schedule Management

5 – Cost Management

6 – Quality Management

7 – Resource Management

8 – Communication & Stakeholder Management

9 – Risk Management

10 – Procurement Management

11 – Professional Responsibility & Key Points

Each of the above sets of materials represent a set of slides that provide the key learning aspects of the project management knowledge areas, with all the information required to learn the terminology and basis for sitting for the exam.  References for other study materials and test question resources are also included.  More than 250 slides of relevant learning material.

Price: $25 for each set of learning material, $199 for the entire 11 sets.


Payment: Payment in advance required via PayPal using “”